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About brand

Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan NGO has taken a step forwards to link artisanal community directly to the market and for which Applique Handicrafts Producer Company is developed with the cooperation of Export Promotion Council of Handicrafts (EPCH) to sell textile based products of artisans. Ruma is a leading e-commerce platform for handicraft artisans to sell their products nationally as well as internationally.

Ruma is developed to provide the traditional craft of India, a well-presented look, and to provide benefit directly to the local community of artisans. A platform raised which states “For the artisans, By the artisans”.

Vision of the Brand:

‘From rural to urban’ – linking of the artisanal community directly to the buyer community and creating awareness among the youth about ‘The Crafts of India’.

Objectives of the Brand:

• To make the traditional craft a viable means of livelihood.
• To revive the dead craft and sustain the livelihood of artisans, now forever.
• To restrain the migration of poor people from villages to cities in search of employment.
• To avail opportunities for employment in rural areas more.
• To pass on the traditional craft to the next generation and make them believe in it.
• To assure that the artisans receive the credit, respect, and utmost appreciation which they deserve for their work.
• To create awareness among youth about the crafts of India.